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“We always talk about how amazing it is that she came all the way from South Korea and my parents came from Haiti and we meet here.”
“It’s interesting because we come from two strong cultures that are very different. It’s beautiful.”
“Sometimes, we butt heads on things, but it’s not really because of us. It’s just cultural differences. That’s the toughest part, but once you move past it, the love is even better because it’s more challenging. Everyone loves a challenge.”
“What’s one cultural difference you often face?
“I feel it’s the way we show affection. You know how Asians keep to themselves? They are very quiet, very polite, a bit too much sometimes. But America, and more so in the Haitian culture, the people are very funny, outgoing, and loud. They like music and festivals. Sometimes, I just want to have my own or our own quiet private time.”


me as a teacher


I agree with Kev on this one

I’m sorry, my future husband




You’ll have a wife that comes to bed with coconut oil in her hair and tea tree oil on her face. But she will be fierce the next day, believe that.

Naah, if you’re a Black man with a Black mother/sister(s) you should already know we don’t go to bed without our hair being twisted up, moisturized and a scarf on or something! lol Black love means not being embarrassed about your night hair routine.  

^^ Say that!

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